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Arditi Design is an exclusive designer and producer of luxury handmade furniture based in Florida (USA) and has branches in Toronto (Canada), Tel Aviv (Israel), and Sydney (Australia).

We design and produce handmade, high-end, custom-made luxury furniture, made of the best-selected woods (Walnut, Olive, Ash, Silverberry, Hackberry, Chestnut, Oak...).

Our team will design your dreams. We can make custom-designed tables, buffets, TV units, doors, desks, beds, chairs, wall decor, lights, and other decorative objects in all sizes, materials, and colors on demand.

Our company`s designs are exclusively created by the Arditi professional design team as customers requested.

Arditi Design's exclusive furniture is designed according to the customer's taste; From classic to modern, to meet your demands.

Arditi Design`s unique works welcome all custom sizes and colors for clients` living spaces as well as commercial projects.

Above all else, the spirit of the wood, which creates the philosophy of the brand, inspires our great works.

Kindest Regards,

Sami Arditi.


We use high-quality epoxy resin along with carefully selected 500-750 years old Anatolian walnut/Mediterranean olive tree slabs, in our furniture.

A specially developed method applied to prevent the tree from torsion: Kiln-dried wood is being filled with high-quality epoxy resin. Transparent epoxy resin will reveal the full depth of the wood and all the details.

Our furniture is possible to produce in all custom sizes and colors.

Legs are also customized (sand-casted aluminum/iron-casted/wood/stainless steel) to meet customer demands. Finishes are also available in color static coated powder paint, including copper, bronze, and chrome.

Before using them, tree slabs need to dry under direct sunlight for more than a year. After this process, the tree slabs are completely dried with a special system in the furnaces at regular intervals for two months. When the wood is ready for the process, we combine it with epoxy resin by pouring in special molds.

In order to obtain an error-free result in the epoxy, we`re heating and cooling each layer in different degree sequences. This process continues for 14 days. For the next 7 days, the product is hand polished until the perfect results achieved..

Finally, new life for our furniture begins at your living spaces.

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